17 Creamy And Milky Substitutes For Milk In Cornbread

Are you in search of the best and healthy creamy or milky substitutes to replace milk in your cornbread recipe? Well, search no more as we will in this article you have stumbled upon, be listing all possible and healthy substitutes for milk in your cornbread recipe.

In this article written and published by Yummy Delicacy, we have listed 17 creamy and milky substitutes for milk in the cornbread recipe

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When you are making a traditional cornbread essential ingredient that is needed for baking is milk, But situations where milk is not available or where you do not want to use milk may come up, when you find yourself here what do you do? There are about 17 substitutes as we have listed here that can be used as a substitute for milk in cornbread that will bring good taste, flavor, and texture just as your milk will give to the bread.

Listed below are some substitutes you can try: water, evaporated milk, almond milk, coconut milk, buttermilk, powdered milk, half and half, cashew milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, sour milk, yogurt, Lactaid, heavy whipping cream, beer, hemp seed milk, goat milk.

17 Substitutes For Milk In Cornbread

1. Water

Water is the easiest and most available substitute for milk in cornbread. Water may not give the flavor that milk gives but it will help you attain the texture you need in your bread.
The use of water alone to make your traditional cornbread has a disadvantage, this is because using only water results in little or no fat cont in your bread, therefore it is advised that you add one tablespoon of butter to a cup of water, this is equivalent to a cup of milk. This is also very good for people who are dairy-intolerant and also vegetarians.

2. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is another option that substitutes milk in your cornbread, it’s you gives you the same taste, texture, and flavor just as regular milk would give, evaporated milk is defined as your whole milk with its content reduced by 50%, this gives you evaporated milk, this means that you can use 2X the quality of evaporated milk needed for use in other to measure up to the content of whole milk.

How To Substitute Evaporate Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

It can be used in a ratio of 1:1, it can be mixed with water if you feel it is thicker than your whole milk in order to get your desired texture.

3. Almond Milk 

Another substitute for milk in cornbread is Almond milk, this milk may not be as thick as cow’s milk, and because of this feature, using almond milk may lead to a dry texture of the cornbread.

The cornbread will also have a sweet and nutty flavor with a less creamy texture when almond milk is used. Most importantly, almond milk is digested more easily than whole milk and also has many health benefits.

How To Substitute Almond Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

As far as the substitution ratio is concerned, the 1:1 ratio is more than enough, but you will need to compromise on the dry texture.

4. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another great substitute for milk in cornbread, it is a great option for people that can’t tolerate lactose or those that are allergic to milk. it has almost the same texture as almond milk and also has that nutty flavor. Coconut milk contains more calories than almond milk and is more nutritious.

How To Substitute Coconut Milk For Milk In Your Recipes

You can use coconut milk instead of milk when you have both of them available, use in a ratio of 1:1in cornbread.

5. Buttermilk

Another substitute is buttermilk, which is fermented milk, it has a thick texture compared with whole milk, this milk is often used in bakeries, and it tastes like yogurt. Because of the thick texture of buttermilk, it can be mixed with a thin liquid in order to get a thinner texture.

How To Substitute Buttermilk Milk For Milk In Your Recipes 

You can add lemon juice or vinegar and let this mixture rest for 10 minutes. Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice or vinegar with 1/3 cup buttermilk to substitute with milk.

6. Powdered Milk

Powdered milk is another great replacement for cow’s milk in cornbread. It is needless to say that many people don’t like the idea of the flavor of powdered milk when it’s made into liquid form, but it does a decent job in cornbread.

How To Substitute Powdered Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes

For this purpose, you can switch to a 1:1 ratio. In addition to regular powdered milk, you can also opt for buttermilk powdered milk, which can be stored for long-term usage.

7. Half-and-half Milk

Half and half is another substitute for milk and cornbread it is a combination of heavy cream and milk this combination has high-fat content, so if you’re looking for a milk substitute that can make your cornbread denser then you may like to try half and half substitute, but in a situation where you would like your cornbread to be Let’s Dense;

How To Substitute Half And Half Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

You can make use of water to reduce the density. half and half should be used in a ratio of 1:1

8. Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is another substitute that can be used in place of cow’s milk it also tastes like cow’s milk but has little sweetness the milk is also thick and creamy in texture. the use of cashew milk can result in having a moist cornbread which may be the desire of most people, it is important to note that cornbread is very nutritious and has many health benefits.

9. Oat Milk

This is another substitute for milk in cornbread, it is a great option for vegetarians because it contains no dairy products, milk has a sweet taste the taste is almost the same as cow’s milk but with a slight difference in sweetness.

How To Substitute Oat Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes

Just as cow’s milk oat milk is very healthy and nutritious and greatly substitutes cow milk in cornbread it can be used in a ratio of 1:1.

10. Rice Milk

Using rice milk in cornbread is another substitute for milk, this can also be used for vegetarians, it contains less saturated fat and also has a high content of carbohydrates while cow’s milk contains high saturated fats and low carbohydrates, this milk is quite similar to almond milk. rice milk may be lighter than cow milk, but it is very nutritious and has health benefits.

11. Soy Milk

Soy milk is also a great substitute for milk in cornbread, it contains good low-fat content, it gives your bread a nice taste and flavor and also nice texture, the taste is not far different from that of whole milk bread. You have to be sure of using unsweetened soy milk so as not to change the taste of the cornbread

12. Sour Cream or Yogurt

Sour cream is often used in bread and other baking recipes. If you have sour cream in your fridge, it can also work in place of milk in cornbread. sour milk is usually thick and creamy in texture this means that the milk has to be thinned with water before use. 75% sour cream and 25% water are recommended for thinning. Sour Cream will also change the taste of the cornbread and will add a slightly tangy flavor which can be balanced by using a small amount of vanilla extract. As for yogurt, the best options are either plain or Greek yogurt.

How To Substitute Sour Cream Or Yogurt Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

Both have a tangy flavor and creamy texture. use with milk at a ratio of 1:1 for both.

13. Lactaid

Lactaid is another substitute for milk in cornbread, it has almost the same texture as cow’s milk,it has little or no effect on the taste and softness of the bread.

This is a nice replacement for people who are lactose intolerant. The only difference between Lactaid milk and regular milk is that Lactaid includes the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the milk sugar (lactose) that lactose-intolerant people can’t digest on their own.

How To Substitute Lactaid Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

Lactaid can be substituted for milk at a 1:1 ratio.

14. Goat Milk

The use of goat milk for cornbread might sound odd, but it’s suggested that we try it if it is found around your area.

The texture and flavor of goat milk and cows milk are very similar and can not be differentiated when used for cornbread, they both have similar health benefits.

How To Substitute Goat Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

Goat milk can be substituted for milk at a ratio of 1:1

hemp seed milk

15. Hemp Seed Milk 

Hemp milk is another substitute for milk in cornbread, it contains healthy fat and proteins and has almost the same fat content that can be found in regular cow’s milk. The quantity of these nutrients found in hemp seed milk is higher than the quantity found in almond milk or rice milk. Therefore, these similarities found in both milk, hemp seed will greatly replace milk in cornbread giving you the same texture. It has a strong nutty taste that may change the taste of cornbread. On a positive note, cornbread made with hemp seed milk will be soy, gluten, and lactose-free.

How To Substitute Hemp Seed Milk For Regular Milk In Your Recipes 

Hemp Seed Milk can be substituted for milk at a 1:1 ratio.

16. Heavy Cream

Heavy cream can be substituted for milk in cornbread. But here the cream must be diluted with half water and half cream in order to avoid the cornbread from getting too thick and also achieve a great texture.

When this substitute is used, it enriches your cornbread and makes it moist, and gives it a decadent flavor. It also enriches your bread with a significant amount of calories making it more nutritious for the body.

17. Beer For Milk in Cornbread

The substitution of beer for milk in cornbread is another substitution that can be tried. although has not been properly tested, we will be giving you a few suggestions just in case you would like to experiment with this one. Now, beer is a very light liquid, it is thinner than milk, therefore for usage, we will recommend the addition of one or two tablespoons of butter to mix with your dough before adding the beer as a replacement for the milk.

We will also advise that you dilute your beer with an equal quantity of water to bring down the taste of the beer, but if you prefer the taste of the beer in your cornbread you can go ahead without diluting the beer.

How To Substitute Beer For Regular Milk In Your Recipes

However, you should replace your milk with a beer ratio of 1:1 Your outcome should taste fairly similar, save a few differences in texture, once finished.

Frequently Asked Questions On Milk Substitutes 

Can I Use Heavy Cream Instead Of Milk In Cornbread?

The answer is yes, you can replace milk with heavy cream, it will make your cornbread richer but less firm. Therefore it is advised that you use both in equal amounts, that is using half cream and half water.

Can You Use Water Instead Of Milk For Cornbread?

Yes, you can use water instead of milk for cornbread. The bread will contain less amount of fat, this is why it is advised to add 1 tablespoon of butter to increase the nutrient content. The bread will be a little less moist, but it will still be delicious.

Can I Substitute Mayo For Milk In Cornbread?

To avoid having your cornbread come out gummy and dense, however, we recommend diluting your mayo with a little water before adding it to your cornbread mix or recipe at a 1:1 ratio. Overall, though, substituting mayo for milk in cornbread is perfectly fine and will not drastically change the flavor or texture of the bread.

Can I substitute Cottage Cheese For Milk In Cornbread?

We would not recommend substituting cottage cheese for milk in cornbread because of its density. However, we would recommend adding the cottage cheese to the batter as a tasty addition!

Some eclectic cornbread recipes actually call for cottage cheese and reviewers declare that this is indeed a very tasty alternative!

To do this, you’ll want to follow a cottage cheese cornbread recipe for the proper protocol to get your cornbread tasting just right.

Either Ways:

Cornbread is a nutritious dish that requires milk for preparations, it is a classic dish that can be prepared for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, this is because milk can be substituted with no dairy products that can still retain its taste, texture, and flavor.

We have listed some of the substitutes that can be used in place of milk, we hope that you try them out and enjoy the goodness of these dishes.

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