16 Best Escarole Substitute & Recipe For Healthy Food

Are You looking to get the best escarole substitute or replacement for your soup, burger, and other food recipes? Well look no further, in our article here we will provide you with the 16 best escarole substitutes and recipes that will serve as a good replacement that can be substituted for escarole in your soup and other food recipes. 

This article written and published by Yummy Delicacy contains the top 16 Best Escarole Substitutes And Recipes For Healthy Cooking.

By reading this article you will be able to tell the best escarole substitutes, recipes, and most importantly how to use any of these known substitutes to replace escarole in your healthy recipes.


The Top 16 Best Escarole Substitutes are; 

  1. Broccoli
  2. Collard Greens
  3. Radicchio
  4. Beet Greens
  5. Chinese Spinach
  6. Swiss Chard
  7. Mustard Greens
  8. Arugula
  9. Frisée
  10. Lovage
  11. Kale
  12. Iceberg Lettuce
  13. Bok Choy 
  14. Romaine Lettuce.
  15. Curly Endives. 
  16. Belgian Endives.


Broccoli is a tasty green plant in the cabbage family with a large blossoming head and tiny, tail-related leaves that are eaten as a vegetable.

It is a healthy substitute for escarole. One common complaint about escarole is that its texture becomes foul and soft when cooked.

Broccoli may be worth eating if you want a healthy vegetable that holds its shape and has a firm chomp when boiled. Broccoli holds up well to high-heat cooking methods such as roasting.

Broccoli, whether dispersed into baked dishes or bleached for a side dish, will add a gritty, slightly harsh flavor to a meal.

How To Substitute Broccoli For Escarole?

Replace one and a half bunch of fresh broccoli for one bunch of fresh escarole. If you are to cook it in a bowl of cereal, then allow it to cook all the way through.

Collard Greens 

Collard Greens 

Collard greens are loose-leafed varieties of the Brassica oleracea plant, like many other common vegetables including broccoli and cabbage.

Collard greens are surprisingly one of the greatest alternatives to escarole.

Although these greens are commonly used in Southern American cuisine, their popularity has started to spread to other areas.

Collard greens can be used in salads, but you can also sauté them with some garlic for a flavorful side dish.

Collard greens taste fantastic when cooked and served with meat. Heat intensifies a piece’s flavor and brings out a subtle grittiness.

How To Substitute Collard Greens For Escarole 

Fresh escarole equals the same as one bundle of collard greens. Since it has a stronger fixation, a lot of collard greens might dominate the entire dish.


Sometimes radicchio is referred to as the Italian variety of chicory. It has reddish-purple leaves with white veins and an unappealing zingy flavor.

Radicchio, famous for its intriguing burgundy leaves with white ribs, is great in green salads and makes a delicious side dish.

Its slightly bitter flavor makes it a good escarole replacement. Perfectly complements spaghetti or pizza toppings is radicchio.

Radicchio shares various common nicknames with other greens, including red chicory, red lead chicory, and red Italian chicory.

If this needs to be replaced, try using chicory, a member of the same Italian family.

How To Substitute Radicchio For Escarole In Recipes 

You can use it in the same amount as the escarole because it is nearly identical. Keep in mind to taste the food after you’ve added a tiny amount. If more are needed, add some more.

Beet Greens

Contrary to what escarole would be like, beet greens are not just praised for their likeness to escarole, but they are also praised for their amazing nutritional benefits as well.

Additionally popular are the edible leaves of this relative of Swiss chards, beet greens, which have a similar flavor and texture.

It is unquestionably essential that you boil them quickly in order to preserve their nutrient abundance during cooking. North African and Asian cuisines are the main audiences for it.

Beet greens are another ingredient that some regions of Europe are using to improve their lasagna.

Frisée’s leaves should be added in additional layers to your next lasagna recipe to elevate the relevance of beet greens.

How To Substitute Beet Greens For Escarole In Recipes 

Replace one leaf of beet greens with more than 1-2 escarole if you have the complete leaf. Use a 1:1 ratio if you have chopped beet greens on hand. Since they are weak, consuming too much of its ingredients would not be harmful.

Chinese Spinach 

The Chinese Spinach is otherwise known simply as  Spinach is a lush green flowering plant native to Central and Western Asia.

Its leaves are a typical vegetable that can be preserved by canning, freezing, or blanching, either fresh or after sufficiently.

A superfood, it is. Huge amounts of nutrients are packed into this low-calorie package.

Spinach is a very simple ingredient that is easily accessible. Escarole can be easily swapped out for other ingredients in many recipes.

It is sturdy and will provide a number of medical benefits.

Although they have quite different tastes, spinach will make an excellent alternative, and you may add extra curly endive to the dish to obtain the flavors you want.

How To Substitute Chinese Spinach For Escarole 

In place of the escarole, you can substitute one-third of a cup of curly endive and two-thirds of a cup of Chinese spinach. Curly endive doesn’t need to be used if the meal is already loaded with green leafy vegetables.

Swizz Chard 

Chard, also known as silverbeet, Swiss chard, spinach beet, and other names, can be a delicious addition to your side dishes.

Chard often requires more time to cook, but once it is done, you can use it on pizza, spaghetti, and risotto.

Due to its excellent nutritional value and flexibility, chard may be the most favored vegetable in the Mediterranean region.

Chard has been a main ingredient in many nutritious meals as a result of the global spread of this respect.

It controls blood sugar levels, promotes bone health, and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

It has phytonutrients that are visible due to its vibrant, distinct tones.

How To Substitute Swizz Chard For Escarole

When you’re pressed for time, combine four parts curly endive and one part swiss chard. Whatever meal you are cooking will have a very great flavor thanks to this ratio. Making any amount of vegetables you require using this ratio is similarly simple.

Mustard Greens 

Escarole leaves and mustard greens both belong to the same family and derive their heat from the same source.

The radish and the cabbage, to which mustard greens are related, both share part of the same flavor, albeit to varying degrees.

Greens from the mustard plant called mustard greens have a spicy flavor.

The flavor of mustard derives from plant seeds, not from carrot- or wasabi-like rhizomes or roots.

Because of its close resemblance to the escarole’s shade of green and its green color, it makes a tempting alternative both visually and gastronomically.

How To Substitute Mustard Greens For Escarole. 

You can use mustard greens in place of escarole at a 1:1 ratio. You can contrast the necessary amount of escarole with the ideal amount of mustard greens depending on the amount of meal.


The edible plant arugula (Eruca sativa), also known as garden rocket, roquette, or rucola, belongs to the same cruciferous vegetable family as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and collard greens.

Compared to raw escarole, arugula, which has a spicy, mustard-like flavor, can be a fantastic replacement.

The taste of arugula, which is utilized in Italian cuisine, is similar to that of escarole but is milder and more delicate.

Once you try it, you could come to appreciate its spicy flavor and mustard taste even more.

It also has smaller levels of folic acid, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C than escarole does.

How To Substitute Arugula For Escarole 

Two arugula leaves, one curly endive leaf, and one cabbage leaf are equivalent to one stalk of escarole. To use the fresh leaves, make sure to remove the leaf’s midrib.



Fresh, nasty greens known as frisées are frequently used in salads and vegetable dishes. The leaves are advantageous for a mixture of infant greens.

The name “frisée” refers to the plant’s distinctive look, which includes slender, curled, and fuzzy leaves.

An excellent traditional dish that emphasizes frisée is frisée aux Lardons.

Frisée leaves create a remarkable garnish for poached eggs. Frisées, also known as curly endive, is a kind of chicory.

Pick the fresh or vivacious leaves you see in order to maximize the excellent flavor of frisées.

How To Substitute Frisées For Escarole In Recipes 

Take out the same quantity of this fresh vegetable as your recipe says for escarole, but add it gradually. You can make sure that the flavor of this fresh vegetable does not overshadow your finished dish by adding the frisée gradually and tasting it as you go.


The southern Mediterranean region and Central Asia are home to the Parsley family member known as lovage.

It is frequently used for its flavor and scent, making it a perfect escarole replacement. The plant resembles escarole and has prickly leaves.

You can use the flavor of the fresh leaves.

Anywhere that escarole is used, the stems and leaves can be used. The dried leaves and seeds are excellent alternatives to escarole.

Fresh lovage has a pleasant scent and can be used in place of escarole.

To create a flavor that can be used instead of fresh escarole, grate the lovage with sea salt.

How To Substitute Lovage For Escarole In Recipes 

If the user request fresh escarole, measure out an equal amount of lovage and add it gradually. You may prevent the lovage flavor from overpowering your finished dish if you keep adding it gradually and taste your food as you go.


Although some varieties are used as ornamentals, the kale plant, often known as leaf cabbage, has a collection of cabbage cultivars produced for their edible leaves.

The center leaves of kale plants do not frame ahead and are either purple or green.

The most popular alternative to escarole is undoubtedly the kale plant; both its flavor and appearance are comparable.

Kale plants can be used in both simple meals and more complicated ones. If you combine kale with other green veggies, it is an excellent option for shakes as well.

How To Substitute Kale For Escarole In Recipes 

For a quick substitution when you’re in a rush, combine four kale leaves with one leaf of any other green vegetable. Whatever cuisine you are cooking, this ratio will produce a very nice flavor. Using this ratio, you may easily create any amount of vegetables you require.

Iceberg Lettuce 

If you don’t eat enough various vegetables, iceberg lettuce is an excellent way to supplement your diet with nutrients.

It crunches nicely and has a little sweet flavor.

Additionally, it has plenty of folate, vitamin K, and vitamin A despite receiving a bad reputation for not being as healthy as other lettuces.

You will get a beautiful salad, but it probably won’t work very well with prepared foods.

You might believe it to be chilled, fresh, or bagged.

How To Substitute Iceberg Lettuce For Escarole 

To incorporate the leaves into the food, do so while also paying attention to the flavor until it is just right. A single stalk of escarole can frequently be substituted with one to two iceberg lettuce leaves. Before eating the dish, you can remove the leaves or supplement the leaves intact.

Bok Choy 

Escarole can be substituted in a huge variety of recipes by using bok choy stems because they have a similar sweet texture and nutritional value.

If you don’t require excessive sharpness when cooking bok choy, you should keep the dull green leaves because they are tender and have a lovely flavor.

The flavor of your side dish can be improved by including fresh ginger, green onions, or other sauces and aromatics.

There are several ways to prepare bok choy, including stitching, braising, and steaming in earthenware. It is crucial to avoid overcooking it because the stems can get mushy.

How To Substitute Bok Choy For Escarole 

One bunch of chopped fresh escarole can be replaced with one bunch of bok choy. Make sure to cook the food all the way through if you cook it in a soup.

Romaine Lettuce 

The head lettuce romaine (Lactuca sativa) often has long, dark-green leaves.

In many different dishes of mixed greens, romaine lettuce is an excellent substitute for escarole.

It offers a ton of nutrients and tastes great in sandwiches as well.

You can find loose or sacked romaine lettuce. If it has been thrice washed, as indicated on the label, you can use it right away.

Romaine lettuce has fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and folic acid among its vitamins and minerals.

You can add as much as you like because it has a low-calorie count.

How To Substitute Romaine Lettuce For Escarole 

The fragrant, as well as the sweet flavor components, can be enhanced by chopping the leaves in half or cleaving them. One leaf of escarole can be swapped out for three Romaine lettuce leaves.

Curly Endives 

Slender stems and frilly, curly leaves are characteristics of curly endive, a lush green also known as endive and escarole.

You can consume it raw in salads. Curly endives can typically be substituted for escarole if you prefer it in your food but are out.

Although it has a more complex flavor, it has the appearance of green lettuce.

Curly endive resembles green leafy lettuce in appearance but has a more bitter, grounded flavor.

It must be tasted raw before being added to a recipe as opposed to escarole. In addition to vitamins C and A, this food also contains vitamin E.

How To Substitute Curly Endives For Escarole In Recipes 

Two little escarole stalks are equal to one medium-sized curly endive when measuring correctly. Depending on the quantity of food, you can contrast the required escarole with the ideal quantity of curly endive.

Belgian Endives 

Belgian endive is small, cylinder-shaped lettuce with tightly-packed, pale yellow leaves that have slightly curved edges. Its length is about 6 inches.

Similar to mushrooms, it is grown slightly beneath the soil in dark spaces, where it is moderately bitter to preserve its delicate flavor.

Considering its import status and labor-intensive harvesting techniques, it isn’t inexpensive, but it is a fairly lovely green.

Belgian endive can be a little difficult to get used to, but any bitter green, for instance, can serve as a balance to other sweet and sour flavors that could be present in a dish.

Belgian endive has a crisp texture, a sophisticated, almost fancy appearance, and a mildly bitter flavor.


Frequently Questions About Escarole And Recipes

What Does Escarole Look Like?

Escarole is leafier than kale and is usually sold in bunches that look a lot like a head of lettuce, with short, wide, wavy-edged leaves. The color and texture of the leaves vary—those on the outside are darker green and a bit tougher, while the interior leaves are pale-yellow and more tender.

What Is Escarole?

Escarole is of the Asteraceae (endive) family, it is known to pass a slightly bitter flavor but contrarily has a hearty hand feel. It resembles green leaf lettuce but has thicker leaves. Sautéing reduces the bitterness. But if you can’t find escarole, it’s didn’t try curly endive or kale instead.

Substitute For Escarole?

Although any edible dark green leaf can perform the trick, and give the desired need. But Chicory of endives is the most reliable substitute for the replacement, but any of the above recommended substituted above serves just stop.

Escarole can be eaten crude or cooked in more than one way. Withered-in Italian wedding soup is a well-known use for the verdant green.

It’s frequently presented with white beans, either as a soup or as a side dish with bacon or ham. Escarole could likewise be seared in oil or steamed for a fast side dish, or it tends to be consumed new as a serving of mixed greens green. Be that as it may, what does Escarole suggest a flavor like?

Escarole has a delicate severe taste and a marginally vegetal flavor. It’s friendlier than that of different chicories, with contrasting levels of sharpness all through the head. The inner, milder leaves are more delightful than the outside, obscured green leaves. At the point when new, the taste is more energetic and more characterized, and when bubbled, it turns out to be more laid back.


In this article, we’ll go over the flavor profile, mouth feel, and usage of this superb verdant green in your food planning, as well as certain tips and deceives for improving the kind of escarole.

What Does Escarole Taste Like?

Escarole has expansive, partially wavy, delicate green foliage with an off-the-wall, harsh taste equivalent to irregular endive however with a milder sting.

The outer, light, shadowy leaves have a more impactful taste than the milder, inside leaves. Escarole’s brutal taste can be relieved by cooking. Escarole has a crunchy, zingy mouthfeel that holds its structure despite the fact that bubbled.

Escarole is possible the entire year, with a high season in the spring and late spring.

Escarole is an essential component in the Italian American happy soup “Stracciatella.” “Straccia” compares to “clothes” in Italian and is often eaten at Xmas, New Year’s, and on the situation at Easter.


What Flavor Does Escarole Have?

Escarole is a sort of chicory that is connected with radicchio and endives. It’s a brutal green with such another taste and an unpretentious snack that works out positively for magnificent, tasty, and zesty preferences.

Regardless of its appearance, escarole has a taste that is more impressive and exact than lettuce. Escarole is well known in light of the fact that it is nowhere near dull.

Despite the fact that bubbled, escarole holds its surface. The denser parts are thicker and more delectable than common lettuce, looking like spinach.

Escarole requires more rumination than romaine or green leaf lettuce. This is on the grounds that it is genuinely thick. It is, be that as it may, not hard or convoluted to bite — it is basically generous.

Anyway, what is it about Escarole that will in general make it so valuable for soups?

What makes it better than spinach or kale? It’s a surface issue, no doubt. Kale is flavorful in soup, yet it’s hearty to such an extent that it can overwhelm all the other things — you’ll have to cut it up into minuscule pieces.

Furthermore, spinach, particularly Chinese spinach, loses a great deal of surface as it cooks and can now and then become disgusting. Escarole comes to a fair compromise between being delicate enough to cook quickly while holding some validness and having a flavor that neither overpowers nor eclipses.

It likewise looks exquisite, becoming semi-clear as it stews, offering your soup a scope of green shades from dull to light.

Habitually Got clarification on some pressing issues

Can Escarole At Any Point Be Consumed Crude?

Indeed! Escarole can be consumed crudely like lettuce or child spinach in an hors d’oeuvre. Innumerable individuals like to join escarole and salad greens for a wide assortment of types and flavors. You can likewise tenderly rub it with a touch of ocean salt and olive oil to make it taste like kale salad.

How Is Escarole this severe?

New escarole has a natural severe taste that you might see as challenging to survive. It’s essential to take note that the highest leaves are by a wide margin the most severe, so basically eliminating them might bring about a generally gentle flavor.

Assuming you plan feast escarole for a drawn-out period and notice that its harshness is turning out to be more recognizable, you might be attempting to cook it for a really long time. You likewise could presumably endeavor a tiny salt and lemon zing is a stunt that functions admirably with other unforgiving plant life and vegetables.

What Thinks About Escarole?

Any brutal green will possess a flavor like an escarole. Endive, radicchio, and dandelion greens are among the most significant taste and examples imitated.

Kale is like escarole, however, it is fundamentally more earnestly, more unpleasant, and has a “green and manageable” flavor. Arugula can likewise be utilized instead of escarole in plates of mixed greens, yet it has a more grounded peppery taste.

What Is The Reason For Consuming Escarole?

Vitamin A will be a strong cell reinforcement that upholds positive bone thickness, regenerative limit, safe capacity, and skin wellbeing.

A 2-cup serving of new escarole contains almost 10% of the suggested everyday admission of vitamin A. Figuring out how to cook the escarole centers the supplement content, permitting you to get substantially more for each making a difference.

What Is The Difference Between Curly Endive And Escarole?

Escarole and curly endive are two similar-looking chicories. Curly endive, on the other hand, has constrained, delicately curled leaves. Escarole has leaves that are broad, adjusted, and smooth. Contrarily, the terms endive, escarole, and chicory are frequently used.

Are Escarole And Green Leaf Lettuce The Same Thing?

Escarole and green leafy lettuce have similar appearances, but you can tell them apart because escarole has broad, green leaves with somewhat rough, folded edges that bunch into a rosette, whereas the wide leaves of lettuce are wavy and smooth. Escarole delivers a nice crispness and flexibility versus green leafy greens.

What Is The Difference Between Escarole And Spinach?

Folate, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber are all abundant in spinach. Cooked spinach actually contains more of these nutrients due to its high water content.

Escarole delivers potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C all at once. Even though escarole must be consumed raw, heating softens its bitter bite.

What Are Escarole Recipes? 

Here’s a list of 16 Healthy Escarole Recipes You Can Try.

Oven Roasted Escarole

Rustic Bake With Escarole

Tilapia With Escarole And lemon Pepper Oil

Crispy Chicken Thigh With Bacon And Wilted Escarole.

Garlicky Salmon Pasta With Escarole

Apple Escarole Salad With Blue Cheese And Hazelnuts

Spicy Braised Escarole

Escarole Soup

Escarole And Cannelloni Bean Stew

Grilled Shrimp And Escarole

Pasta With Two-Bean And Escarole

Sauteed Escarole

These insanely good recipes were made by our food friend, Kim at Insanely Good. Insanely Good.


You might be feeling that, with its achievement and magnificence, escarole should be all somewhat prideful. With that outlook, what is escarole offering of real value? The credit should doubtlessly go to its all chief.

Probably not. Escarole is incredible. Magnanimous. Prudent. Generous. These qualities add to the development of a dependable marriage. Or on the other hand, at any rate, a matrimonial soup.

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